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What are the most popular video games?

The most popular video games include: Fortnite: A battle royale game that has become popular for its vibrant graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and creative building mechanics. Among Us: A multiplayer game where players work together to…
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Why video games are so popular among kids?

Video games are popular among kids for several reasons: Interactive and Engaging: Video games are interactive and provide an engaging experience for kids, allowing them to immerse themselves in a virtual world. Exciting and Challenging:…
Video game truck came to a birthday party on August 13, 2022 in Toronto

What is a mobile gaming truck?

A GameTruck video game party is a party in a box! Loaded with video game consoles and all popular video games, a heater for winter, and an air conditioner for summer the video game theater comes to your home, school, or church. Your guests step…
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Best Mobile Video Game Theatre 2019 in Ontario

Game Trucks GT is nominated as Best Mobile Video Game Theatre 2019 in Ontario

The 2019 year was a very successful for Game Trucks GT because we have been nominated as Best Mobile Video Game Theatre 2019 in Ontario by CV Magazine CV (Corporate Vision) Magazine is created by a highly experienced and passionate team…
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Mobile Video Game Parties for kids team building events

A video game party is ideal for team building events for kids like soccer and hockey team parties, school events, and fundraising. Game Trucks GT has extensive experience with providing video game events for several hundred people. We provided…