Everything you want to know about Mobile Video Game Parties

When can I book my party?

To best accommodate all birthdays and events, we book parties 24/7.

How far in advance should I book my party?

We recommend booking your party at least one month prior to the party date. However, our schedule are always filled very quickly, and we recommend booking months in advance to ensure that you get your first choice for the date and time slot.

Do you need to plug in?

We are completely self powered. A quiet generator powers the trailer so we can host the excitement without disrupting the neighbours.

How much parking space is required?

We need about 50 feet of space to accommodate both the truck and trailer. We can easily park on the street in front of your house, or in a parking lot near by. In many cases, we will block your driveway and use the entire space in front of your house. For corporate events, we tow the trailer practically anywhere that’s paved.

How many players can you accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 32 players at a time.

What happens on the day of my event?

We arrive at your location approximately 15 minutes early to park and setup.
We are self powered and carry everything that we need to get things going.
Our staff prepares the Video Game Theatre based on your booking request. When it’s ready, your guests are given a short introduction, the doors swing open and the party begins!
Our staff is always on-hand to offer tips and handle requests.
When it’s over, we simply shut down, pack up and drive off.

What happens in the Video Game Track?

Every party is hosted by our “Game Coach” staff. Game Coaches have a passion for gaming and their job is to provide expert advice, motivate, and manage the entire party.

What do parents have to do during the party?

Our staff is always present inside the vehicle.
Parents can either join the fun or take advantage of the peace while our Video Game Party hosts and supervises the excitement.
Since we are on, or close to your property you can always show up to see what’s going on.
Kids will frequently run back to the house for something to eat or drink or to go to the bathroom but don’t expect them to stay long.
Parents’ supervision is only required for children under 6.

Are the video games appropriate for my kid?

All the games played at our parties are pre-approved by parents.
We’ve created a number of fun and crazy Party Themes that deliver an extraordinary and memorable event.
You can select the games on booking.
We bring a full library of games to every party, however you can restrict the games to prohibit violent and mature content.
To make sure the games are age-appropriate check the ESRB rating on the game cover. On our GAMES page you will find descriptions for each rating.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

You can cancel your party till 2 weeks before your party date free of charge

Is there an age limit?

We can accommodate any players over the age of 6. Any children under the age of 6 need to be accompanied by an adult to ensure their safety.

What if the weather is bad?

Our game trucks are self-powered and fully climate controlled. We are able to host parties throughout the year. However, if we experience severe weather like ice and snow storms, or excessive winds or heavy lightening we respectfully reserve the right to reschedule your party in the interest of your guests, our staff and our equipment.

Do parents have to supervise?

We host and supervise the Video Game Party inside the trailer.
Parents are more than welcome to join us; however, we typically find that after 5 minutes they are more than thrilled to leave the party in the hands or our experts.
Parents’ supervision is only required for children under 6.

Are food and drinks permitted in the trailer?

No food or drinks are permitted inside the Mobile Video Game Theatre. We protect our equipment and the technology in the trailer. As well, we serve hundreds of children with allergies and must keep the trailers a completely contaminate free and safe area for everyone.

What cities do you serve?

We serve Toronto and GTA. Travel charges do apply for out of standard service area parties and events.

GT Game Changer service map free zone

Free Green Zone

Service Area 1 ($50 additional mileage surcharge)

Service Area 2 ($75 additional mileage surcharge)

Service Area 3 (call us for additional mileage surcharge)

What if I’m just outside your service area?

We might be able to book your party if you are relatively close to our service area. You will be assessed a mileage surcharge. Call us with your location at 416-524-0064.

More questions?

Send an email to  Game Trucks GT email or Call us at 416-524-0064.