Video game party with Jesse

What is a game truck party?

A Mobile Truck video game party is a party which comes to your location at the time of your choice!  The truck equipped with video game consoles and a huge library of video games,  arrives to your home, school, or church. You and your guests…
Kids at Video game event

Mobile Video Game Parties for kids team building events

A video game party is ideal for team building events for kids like soccer and hockey team parties, school events, and fundraising. Game Trucks GT has extensive experience with providing video game events for several hundred people. We provided…
Video Game Event with GameTrucks GT

Team Building Event

If you are looking for new creative ideas for team building event, consider our Video Game Party. Your team will interact in not formal way, play together, create winning experience and build team spirit. it's a fun and inspirational event.…
Video Game Party Truck

Mobile Video Game Truck got a new amazing view

We got a new very exciting design for our vehicles. Now the Mobile Video Game Theater looks amazing! We always made customers happy with our great service! You can read happy customers' testimonials at GT Facebook page. Now our customers…
Video game party with Jesse

Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) at GT video game party

Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) is a television series that airs on Family CHRGD and Family Channel. It also airs on Disney XD. The show was a Canadian Screen Award nominee for Best Children’s…
Dance on Video Game Party

Dancing Party

Do your kids like dancing? Look how is fun to dance at our video game party!
Video Game Party


The kids play favorites video games in our mobile video game theater! That is a great idea to celebrate birthday!
Video game party

Great customer review

We received a great customer review today on our Game Trucks Facebook page: “Amazing truck. Exemplary customer service. Affordable price. 10/10. Would hire them again in a heartbeat!!” We commit to provide the best service for our customers!…
Mobile video game party

Best Video Games For Kids

We had a great party today in Newcastle! Kids love video games! We can provide different party themes – depends on what kind of video games your kids love. According Fractus Media 9 top most popular games for kids are    …